Neuro-psycho-educational Assessment and counseling for children, teens, and young adults
in louisville, ky

About Us

“There are two lasting gifts we give our children. One is roots, the other is wings.”  – Henry Ward Beecher


Compassionate, professional care that helps kids and teens succeed, in school and in life.



Our evaluations identify the underlying cause of why your child or teen is struggling. Then we create a detailed plan for treatment. This plan serves as your “road map” for success and provides all the information you need to pursue IEP and 504 Plans in school.


Our licensed therapists partner with you and give you the tools you need to help your child or teen feel better, and restore a sense of balance and calm in your home.

what our clients are saying

Dr. Maggie helped to diagnose my dyslexic child and gave us the tools to help her learn. She also helped another one of my children with some severe anxiety attacks. So grateful for her loving guidance!
Parent of an assessment client

Dr. Wright is a wonderful clinician. She helped us understand our gifted children and support us in learning to help them and advocate for them in their school. Our parenting and family relationships are stronger and better for her work and insight.
Parent of a counseling client

Dr. Wright is great. If you think your child has a learning disability, this is the place to go!
Parent of an assessment client

Why Us

Renowned specialists in the Louisville-area

Doctoral-level licensed psychologists

Personalized, tailored approach

Thorough evaluations (interviews, observations, evaluations)

Best-in-class testing instruments

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