Kids, teens, young adults and families need counseling for a variety of reasons.  They may have fears and worries that cause them to miss out on things that should be fun or exciting. Perhaps they are feeling sad, overwhelmed, or depressed and can’t seem to find joy in the things they once loved. Sometimes traumatic events take place, and kids and teens need someone to process their emotions and reactions with to help them heal.  Other times, entire families are in need of help – they feel like they’re on a roller coaster of emotion and need to  learn new ways to cope with life’s challenges. 

We are here to help. Our providers are specialists in working with kids, teens, and families. We partner with you and your child to teach more effective ways of coping with hard times. Think of your child’s therapist as your “guide” on your journey to restoring peace and calm in your home.  

We can provide therapy to your child and family either in-person at our office, or online using telehealth.  We have experience in all of the below areas of concern:  



Adjustment Difficulties

Anxiety Disorders

Autism/Asperger’s Disorder

Depression/Mood Disturbance


Medical and Dental Fears

Learning Disorders

Coping with Chronic Illness

Parent Coaching

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The first step is to call our friendly office manager and schedule with one of our providers.  She will answer all of your questions and get the information we need to begin your work with us.

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