Your child is struggling in school.  You’ve tried everything you can think of to help, but they are still falling behind. Every afternoon you dread the “homework wars” as you and your child work so hard but still can’t seem to connect the dots and master the material.  

Or, perhaps your child struggles to stay focused long enough to get even the simplest of assignments completed, let alone an extensive writing assignment or long-term project.  You wonder, could it be a learning difference like dyslexia or dysgraphia causing these struggles? What about dyscalculia or ADHD?

Maybe your child is falling behind in other ways, such as in language, social skills and peer relationships, or in meeting their developmental milestones.  You  wonder, could they be on the Autism Spectrum?  

That’s where we come in.  We are experts in conducting assessments that uncover the root cause of the problem. then use this information to create a detailed treatment plan, or “Roadmap to Success that is thorough and personalized to your individual child/teen.

You will leave our office with a clear understanding of why your child isn’t reaching their full potential and what to do about it. We are here to guide you through each step of the process, and beyond!  

Every assessment includes, at no extra cost, ongoing follow up and consultation with our Educational Consultant.  She is a Certified Teacher and former public school administrator and can help you understand and implement recommendations at home and school, navigate the complex special education process, and connect with local resources to get your child the help they need to succeed.  

This extra support is part of what makes Wright Psychology and Counseling a top choice for neuropsychological and educational assessments throughout the region!


We conduct psychological and educational assessments for the following:




Learning/Processing Disabilities

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Giftedness/Twice Exceptional Learner

Speech & Language


We know it can seem overwhelming when your child needs a neuropsychological or educational assessment. Don’t worry, we are here to help guide you every step of the way! The first step is to call our office and schedule your parents-only consultation session with the Psychologist. This appointment can be conducted either in-person or online using telehealth.  

Ready to get started? Call (502) 807-9551 today!

Step 1 - Parents-Only Consultation

We discuss the concerns you have for your child, take a detailed clinical history, determine the appropriate testing battery and explain the evaluation process in detail.

Step 2 - Evaluation Sessions


Our comprehensive evaluation typically consists of two appointments that last around 3 hours each. Sometimes a third session is needed depeding upon the child and assessment needed. The psychologist will let you know if this is necessary.



Step 3 - Parents-only Feedback Session

At the final parent meeting, usually scheduled 2-3 weeks after testing, the psychologist reviews the results and provides a written report summarizing the results of testing as well as extensive recommendations for treatment at home and at school. Our detailed reports provide the information required for obtaining Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans in both public and private schools.

Step 4 - Follow Up Consultation with Educational Consultant

After your feedback session you will have the opportunity to speak with our Educational Consultant, a certified teacher and former school administrator. She will walk you through the recommendations for both home and school, connect you to local resources, help you navigate the process of getting accommodations or an IEP at school, and facilitate any other needs you may have.