Our licensed psychologists personally complete all assessments at The Wright Psychology and Learning Center; we do not utilize psychometrists or technicians.

Each child receives an individualized assessment battery based upon his or her specific needs.  The assessment forms the cornerstone of our recommended treatment approach, and provides sufficient documentation to begin the special education process (Individualized Education Plan/IEP and 504 Plans) within the school systems.

We conduct psychological and educational assessments for the following:




Learning/Processing Disabilities

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Giftedness/Twice Exceptional Learner

Speech & Language


We take pride in our comprehensive approach and take the  time necessary to get to know each individual child and his or her family, their specific concerns related to learning and behavior, and the child’s educational, psychological and medical history before conducting a thorough psychological evaluation. 

Parents-Only Consultation

We discuss the concerns you have for your child, take a detailed clinical history, determine the appropriate testing battery and explain the evaluation process in detail.

Child Interview/Play Session

We’ll talk with your child and observe them at play or at school (please note – school observations are optional and not covered by insurance)



Our comprehensive evaluation typically consists of two appointments that last around 3 hours each. Sometimes a third session is needed depeding upon the child and assessment needed. The psychologist will let you know if this is necessary.

Parents-only Feedback session

At the final parent meeting, usually scheduled 2-3 weeks after testing, the psychologist reviews the results and provides a written report summarizing the results of testing as well as extensive recommendations for treatment at home and at school. Our detailed reports provide the information required for obtaining Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans in both public and private schools.

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