In September, The Wright Psychology & Learning Center team gathered for a retreat at beautiful Progress Park in Louisville.

We enjoyed time together outside of the office to connect as colleagues; and, in honor of our 15th anniversary, we collaborated to co-create a set of practice values.

Why Values?

Aligning around a set of shared values helps teams and organizations. A set of core values:

  • Are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what’s important to an organization
  • Are guideposts for how we interact with each other and our customers
  • Guide our behaviors and decision-making
  • Are the essence of the company’s identity/principles/beliefs/philosophy

Our Values

Lots of great discussion, soul searching and brainstorming led to the development of a set of values that will drive how we operate as a team and in interactions with our clients.

Many of these values or principles have been a cornerstone of our practice for years and have led us where we are today. But we agreed as a team that they will be a lens for our interactions, decision making, and operations moving forward. They will also help ensure we are continuously improving and striving toward these ideals. As part of this effort, we will be more regularly checking in with new and existing clients to hold us accountable!

Check out our new values!