Back to school time is here and parents want to make sure their students are set up for success!

For a second year in a row, WDRB’s Gina Glaros has asked Dr. Wright to share some information to help parents – this time around, for a story about learning and behavioral disorders.

In the interview, Dr. Wright outlined several different types of learning and behavioral disorders – from anxiety and ADHD to dyslexia and OCD – some of the associated warning signs parents can look out for and the approaches available to help children overcome these challenges.

She encouraged parents to seek out the help of a licensed mental health professional to help identify the underlying causes of certain behaviors.

“Oftenchildren are exhibiting behaviors that overlap diagnostic categories, and we want to make sure that we don’t jump to conclusions, that we really take our time to understand the child’s issues and correctly identify what needs to be done to improve that,” Dr.Wright said.

WATCH:Child psychologist outlines learning, behavioral disorders

Last year at this time, Dr. Wright provided some more in-depth information about specific leraning disorders, namely: dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. Take a look back at the interview.