Schedule your child’s learning sessions for the summer and continue making academic progress while school’s out

Spring is definitely in the air and for many parents – that means summer planning has gone into full gear.

Whether it’s prepping for your family’s beach vacation or registering for all. the. summer. camps – it’s likely your summer is already filling up.

What many parents don’t realize is that summer is a GREAT TIME to make significant progress on your child’s dyslexia intervention, while school is out of session.

This year – to make it easier on families – the Learning Center @ Wright Psychology is offering a variety of summer packages with fun theme weeks for students we’re calling “Passport to Fun.”

Not only does this provide a way for students to avoid some of the typical summer learning loss, it also allows parents the ability to proactively plan how they can expedite their child’s learning intervention progress – when they aren’t competing with school, homework and other extracurriculars.

“For students diagnosed with dyslexia, it’s important that they are in a structured literacy program that uses a multi-sensory approach,” says Maggie Wright, founder of the Learning Center @ Wright Psychology. “These are usually rigorous, multi-week programs that require one-on-one sessions with a certified, credentialed professional. The school year can make this kind of commitment difficult…which is why summer is a great time for students to make great progress.”

5 reasons why you should spend some of your summer at the Learning Center @ Wright Psychology:

  1. Parents can take advantage of cost savings – the more sessions you buy, the more you save.
  2. Go into summer with a proactive plan and schedule for advancing your child’s academic progress
  3. Your student will begin the next school year ahead of the game having leapfrogged through the program during summer
  4. Your child may avoid some of the summer slide or recover some of the pandemic-learning loss that are often concerns of educators.
  5. It’s going to be FUN! Your child will enjoy fun theme weeks and prizes throughout the summer months.


Passport Theme Weeks

Here is just a sampling of the theme weeks we’ll be hosting this summer:

  • Bounce Ahead! – students will be entered to win passes to an area bounce house
  • Dive In! – each student will receive a fun pool toy giveaway
  • Cool Off! – students will enjoy a sweet treat during their session
  • Get Wild! – students will be entered to win passes to the zoo
  • Dig in! – each student will receive a fun beach toy giveaway
  • Zoom Away! – students will be entered to win passes to an area go kart track
  • Shine Bright! – each student will receive a fun reading light giveaway



As always, we’ll be offering both Orton-Gillingham and Barton programs. Students do NOT have to be diagnosed at Wright Psychology to receive academic intervention at our Learning Center.

If you’d like to discuss payment plans, please contact our office at or (502) 807-9551.

Orton-Gillingham Summer 2022 Packages:
# of Lessons Price per Lesson Total Package Cost
8 $115.00 $920.00
12 $112.50 $1,350.00
16 $100.00 $1,760.00
20 $107.50 $2,150.00


Barton Summer 2022 Packages:
# of Lessons Price per Lesson Total Package Cost
8 $85.00 $680.00
12 $82.50 $990.00
16 $80.00 $1,280.00
20 $77.50 $1,550.00


How to Sign Up*

Here’s how to join the Passport to Fun sessions in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose your summer lesson package (outlined above)
  2. Submit your choice and payment method on the Google Form
  3. Register for an account with Tutorbird (you will get a link via email once you’ve completed the Google form)
  4. Self-schedule lessons that work for you!

*(New to Wright Psychology & Learning Center? No problem – schedule a meeting with our Learning Center Lead Instructor to get started)

Questions? Contact the Wright Psychology & Learning Center or (502) 807-9551.

We hope to see you this summer!

For more on the Wright Psychology & Learning Center, visit our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@wrightpsychology).