Stephanie Adamkin Delambre, M.S., LPP

“I love working with kids, seeing them grow and learn, and being a part of their development and journey.”

Role at Wright Psychology and Learning Center: 

I’m a Master’s-level Psychologist providing individual and family therapy services 

Favorite part of the job: 

I love working with kids, seeing them grow and learn, and being a part of their development and journey. Stephanie also loves that every day in the office is different and she gets the opportunity to think on her toes and put her training and skills into practice in different ways. She loves learning from the kids and families she works with and feels honored to get to learn and grow with them.  

Past experience:

While getting my first Master’s degree, I worked in a residential setting with teenage girls. While working on my second Master’s, I worked in a developmental disability clinic, and also spent nine years working in an outpatient community mental health center in Central Kentucky. 

Initially, I was the only full-time therapist seeing children in a rural county – and was also serving as the early mental health specialist and postpartum support specialist covering 17 counties. 

When I moved back to Louisville, I served as the mental health and behavior program coordinator at a medical day care facility before joining Wright Psychology in February 2018.

Why I do what I do: 

I’ve always known that I wanted to work with kids. I started babysitting and nannying as soon as I was able to take the “babysitter class” at the YMCA. Not long after that, I had a friend who was really struggling with a lot. I realized I wanted to be someone that could help her; someone she could talk to about everything that was going on. That desire never went away. 

Favorite quote or mantra related to this line of work:

“Everything will be ok in the end, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end” -Indian Proverb 

Family & free time: 

Stephanie and her husband, Brian, and they have one daughter named Etta along with their pets. They love to spend time together such as going on outings to the park, zoo, science center, Indianapolis Children’s Museum, or just curled up on the couch reading books. Family time is very important to Stephanie and they also spend time with extended family members frequently. She is a sports junkie and loves attending and watching football and basketball games.