The Wright Psychology & Learning Center Celebrates 15 Years!

It’s been an honor and privilege to serve so many families and students over the past 15 years. This month, our staff is celebrating every challenge faced, obstacle overcome and milestone achieved.

As part of our celebration, we’ve compiled some of our favorite parents testimonials and staff sentiments.

To all of our parents, students, partners and colleagues…thank you for your trust, confidence and partnership through the years!


Parent Testimonials

“We were very pleased with the diligent and thorough testing when our daughter was evaluated. Dr. Wright is a compassionate and knowledgeable professional who gave us direction and the help needed to make thoughtful decisions regarding our child’s learning needs. I will recommend her to anyone who suspects that their child may have dyslexia.”

– Parent of a testing client


“Dr. Maggie Wright and her office was most helpful. She was flexible, friendly, responsive to all communications and a pleasure to work with. She helped us get what was needed for my child.

– Parent of a 9-year-old


“We had explored many other avenues, none of which we felt were a good fit or a solution for our son. I think as a parent you just know when something is right, this team was the right team for us, hands down!!! Thank you Wright Psychology and Learning Center!! You gave us such light for a long road ahead!!

– Parent of a 10 year-old


“We had my son tested here for ADHD and Dyslexia when he was 8. He was very comfortable with the test administrator and it was an easy process. I have since then recommended Wright Psychology to several other families coping with learning disabilities.”

– Parent of an 8-year-old


“Our son has Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. We knew we needed to get him help in and outside of school. The Wright Psychology and Learning Center has helped us do both. Not only did they give us the tools and information we needed to accomplish this, but they were an awesome advocate for us and our son! Now after just a few months of getting a 504 plan through school, and a few months of tutoring through the Wright Center, our son made Honor Roll for the first time in 2 years!”

– Parent of a 10 year-old


“Dr. Wright is a wonderful clinician. She helped us understand our gifted children and support us in learning to help them and advocate for them in their school. Our parenting and family relationships are stronger and better for her work and insight.”

– Parent of a 9-year-old


“We love the Wright Psychology and Learning Center! The staff has gone above and beyond our expectations. They are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable regarding learning disabilities.”

– Parent of a 10-year-old


“Dr. Wright is great. If you think your child has a learning disability, this is the place to go!”

– Parent of testing client


Staff Sentiments

“I want my students to know that they are capable of doing anything they want. A learning disability does not define who they are or their capability of doing something.”

– Caroline McClelland, M.S.


“I enjoy seeing each students’ progress and watching them be successful. It is the absolute best feeling to see their confidence soar and to see them feel good about themselves.”

– Abby Klein, B.A.,
Advanced Certified Barton Tutor,
IMSLEC Certified Orton-Gillingham Instructor


“I love getting to know each of my students on a personal level and being able to encourage them through the challenging process of mastering reading and spelling.”

– Carrie Talbott, MA


“I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with and help children and teens overcome challenges in a small, safe, and supportive environment. I love being a part of others’ journeys and “walking with them” on their path to learning, growing, and happiness.”

– Meghan Ainsworth, M.Ed., Licensed Psychological Associate


“I love watching a student put in hard work day-after-day and starting to see their progress. There’s nothing better than seeing a student light up because their hard work has paid off.”

– Shelley Schuhmann, BA, MA.Ed.