Dyslexia.  Dysgraphia.  Dyscalculia.    

It can feel overwhelming when you are told your child has a learning difference like dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia.  You have so many questions, like “What is the best treatment?”  “Will my child be able to succeed in school and in life?” and “Where should go for help?”  You may feel lost, especially if your child’s school doesn’t seem to have a solid plan or understanding of the problem.  Who can you trust to help your child? 

At The Wright Psychology and Learning Center, we help kids and teens overcome their learning differences and find success, both in school and in life.  We’ve been helping kids with learning differences in reading, writing, and math (dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia) since 2010.    

 We believe in 100% transparency about our Academic Interventions, and provide straightforward answers to your questions. We provide Multi-sensory, Structured Literacy Intervention for students who are dyslexic using the “Gold Standard” Orton-Gillingham method. We are proud to be Certified Instructors in the Barton Reading & Spelling System, one of the most widely-used Orton-Gillingham based dyslexia intervention programs in the world.  We also offer “Original” Orton-Gillingham Intervention for dyslexic students.  We will gladly discuss these two programs and how they work to improve reading and spelling skills with you to determine which is the best fit for your child! 

 Our math curriculum consists of the multi-sensory Math-U-See program.  This program is often referred to as the “Orton-Gillingham” of Math.  It brings math to life for students who struggle with processing and understanding math concepts.

 Our writing curriculum comes from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). Many students with dyslexia or other language-based learning disorders struggle with writing. We are here to help with a structured writing program that teaches the fundamental steps of the writing process.  

 We encourage you to research these excellent programs before committing to working with us, so that you feel confident that you are making the right choice.  Each of these programs have been proven to work for kids with learning disorders through independent, peer-reviewed research.

We are providing Academic Intervention Services both in-person and online using telehealth!

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