Nancy Plymale, MA, ATR-BC, LPAT 

“Art and play is the natural language of children and can be adapted for all developmental stages in life.” 

Role at Wright Psychology and Learning Center: 

I am a mental health counselor-therapist with children, adolescents, and families. I help our families find relief and support by clarifying and getting to the root of the problem – whether it is emotional, behavioral, physical, or situational. 

Favorite part of the job: 

My favorite part of the job is listening and developing the sacred relationships I have with my clients; helping them find what does and does not work for them in their lives, as well as guiding and nurturing that change, letting go, and being a witness to that. 

Past experience: 

I worked in advertising and the financial field after college and after a few years, discovered I needed something more meaningful to me as a career. My sensitivity to and compassion for others have let to my work as an art therapist for 20 years. I was a school-based therapist with Center Stone (formerly Seven Counties) for 12 years. I’ve also worked at Our Lady of Peace hospital, and for the Louisville Visual Art Association and the Speed Museum bringing art into the community over the years. I graduated from the University of Dayton in 1988, and then continued on to the University of Louisville and graduated from there in 1994.

Why I do what I do:

I believe in the power of connecting with patients, creating a safe and sacred space for consciously listening to the adult and the child. I love “trusting the process” of the creative spirit, especially with play and art. I believe it is important for people to know that you do not need to have any “artistic talent” to enjoy the benefits of art therapy. 

Favorite quote or mantra related to this line of work:

“Follow your bliss” – Joseph Campbell 

Family & free time:

I’m married with four children and a dog. In addition to providing services at Wright Psychology and Learning Center, I also work as a school counselor at Saint Francis of Assisi School, and at the Brown Cancer Center as an art therapist helping adult cancer survivors and their families.